embodied light activation

a 10-minute meditative experience to anchor you into your light body and activate your power as a spiritual woman

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I am a Priestess, Soul Activator and Paradigm Shifter in this Golden Age of Light.

My mission is to help women heal from their conservative religious upbringings and find empowerment through spirituality.

This is the lifetime you’ve been reincarnating for. The Divine Feminine is rising all over the planet to create energetic balance with the Sacred Masculine. with this shift towards the heart space, more and more humans are waking up to the truth of who they are.

spiritual women are waking up to remembering that god was originally a woman.

they are reconnecting to their intuition, saying yes to their desires and remembering that their bodies are sacred vessels.

Are you ready to heal your masculine wounding and release religious fear conditioning so you can embody your feminine power?

my intuition is telling me that You feel an aching, longing, calling DEEP down in your Soul.

It’s no longer a whisper, but instead a crying out for change.

you’re tired of wearing a masculine mask, people pleasing and feeling ashamed of your sexuality.

you’re fed up with playing small, hiding in the shadows and silencing your voice.

You’re ready to own your woo, unleash your inner goddess and feel safe being seen in all of your light.

You know it’s time to release your patriarchal woundings and old religious dogmas so you can feel safe to express the unique, powerful spiritual woman you know that you are.

I see you. I feel you. I know you.



I’m here to help you heal your fears around embracing taboo spirituality and step out of the spiritual closet into your authentic power.

The work I do is POTENT. it goes way deeper than any self-help book or online course ever could. but, don’t worry…i’m here to hold a safe, loving container for your healing and transformation.

Are you ready to say yes to your Soul?


1:1 mentorship

My signature 1:1 program that will help you embody your feminine radiance and anchor you into your spiritual truth.


enter the akasha

Let’s dive into your Book of your Soul and find the answers you’ve been seeking.

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