Hello, I’m Sarah!

I’m an authentic leadership coach, shamanic trauma healer, podcast host and all-around Woo-Woo Woman. I help leaders heal the deeper wounds holding them back from their power, worth & authenticity.



Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Shamanic Reiki Master

Akashic Records Reader-Practitioner

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Who am I?

I’ve spent a lot of my life asking myself that question. Even as as small child, I felt connected to something bigger than myself, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve always been an old soul and found it difficult to connect to humans my own age. When I was young, teachers and family described me as “wise beyond my years” and I remember being able to easily identify what other people were thinking. People fascinated me: how they thought, acted and showed up in the world was something I wanted to figure out. Little did I know at 6 years old that what was coming through were my intuitive spiritual gifts.

I had always felt different and was afraid to express who I truly was for fear of being rejected. I became very successful at molding myself to be what other people wanted me to be because it gifted me with what I truly craved: acceptance. On the inside, I felt overwhelmed as a spiritually sensitive child and my natural inclination to stay safe was to shut down my gifts. I felt too many emotions and absorbed too much energy. My coping mechanism was to dissociate and numb out from everything going on inside me. I had fear around the supernatural events I was experiencing as I was raised Catholic. As I got older, this evolved into perfectionism, anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. I used busy-ness, overscheduling, food, exercise, drugs, alcohol, television, and more to disconnect from my body. It was an endless cycle of overwhelm and numbness.


In 2014, I finally spoke up for myself and asked for help with my mental health. Every day was painful and I was seeking some type of self-love and acceptance. I started therapy and that year, I found yoga. Although my religious parents disapproved (“You’re learning about meditation & chakras?!”), yoga was the first practice that led me home to my body. I learned to trust and listen to her needs, rather than numbing out. I began cultivating a healthier relationship with food and exercise. For the first time in my life, I felt some type of balance.

I continued on my path, searching for ways to “fix” myself and connect to a life purpose. But, I was listening to everyone else about who I “should be”. I grew up being rewarded when I was the “good girl”. I worked in many types of service work, trying to earn my worth. I even tried working a corporate job, earning lots more money than I ever had. Nothing felt meaningful and I still felt broken and empty.

Flashforward to 2017, I was in school to become a social worker and doing meaningful work, but my mental & physical health was in shambles. I was having mystery ailments and panic attacks. My body was aching for my soul to WAKE UP. And I did. I experienced a huge spiritual awakening that felt like a cosmic boom within my consciousness. Only then, did I begin to truly heal.

By healing, I mean returning to my wholeness. I started seeing healers and working with mentors as I explored being an awakened soul. I unraveled soul traumas, did past-life work, and uncovered my inherent worthiness. I began to understand that my emotions were not there to torture me or weigh me down. Instead, they were my guidance system.

I became a Reiki Master while finishing my master’s degree in social work. I studied Shamanism, soul trauma, astral travel, psychic mediumship, and more alongside my Western studies in mental health & addictions. Spirituality became the life-blood to my existence. I had found the deep connection I was searching for my whole life. It was the thing that felt bigger than me. My purpose. Eventually, I finally gathered the courage to tell my family that Catholicism no longer resonated with me and that I was exploring different types of spirituality. Their reaction almost made me step back inside the spiritual closet. I got rid of my crystals

I continued on my path, sticking one foot out of the closet at a time and then stepping back in. I feared judgement and ridicule. What I feared the most was my power. I was still trying to be someone I wasn’t. In my personal life. In my professional life. In the healing services I was offering. I was playing small because I feared what would happen if I tapped into the potent magic within. But when your Soul calls, you listen. It eventually becomes too painful not to.

Today, I feel empowered in my spiritual self and embrace my Divine calling.

I am a priestess. I am here to hold sacred space for souls to remember the truth of who they are. My purpose is to connect women with their inherent spiritual power within by cultivating their unique connection with the divine. it is time for feminine spiritual leaders to make a comeback.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you, beautiful being?

Because I want you to know understand what it feels like to feel afraid to show up as my unique, authentic self, standing in my power. I know what it’s like to run away from my gifts and hide inside the spiritual closet. I know what it feels like to feel unworthy, unloved, and unsupported by the Universe. I understand how religious fear conditioning can hold you back from tapping into your intuition and feminine expression. I have felt lost and confused. I have spent years feeling disconnected from my Soul, not knowing what my unique path was or how to even find it.

I am a successful mentor and healer because I have BEEN where my clients (YOU!) have been and I understand how to help them move through it (with a lot less meandering off track). I have the privilege of having empathy for my clients because I have experienced similar traumas and held similar limiting beliefs. 

By remembering my own wholeness, I am able to show up fully for my clients and create a deep healing container for them. I do this not from an expert role, but instead by coming alongside them, walking them through their journey. I believe in transparency and vulnerability, not perfectionism. This is why I share my journey…with all of its mistakes, twists, and turns. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I can’t wait to connect with you deeper and learn more about who you are!

what does mentorship with me look like?

Working with me is like making a metaphysical burrito out of fairy dust, soul work, unconditional love and spiritual spice. My first intention is to create a deep, loving container for you to explore ALL parts of yourself without judgement. All of you is welcome here. One of my gifts is to hold the space for humans to feel safe processing deep emotions that are weighing them down from their true selves. I may use energy work, visualization, belief augmentation and a variety of other practices to help you clear the beliefs & emotions holding you back from expressing your authenticity. We will also enter into your Akashic Records when you need Soul guidance that can only come from within you.

Deep soul work & clearing work are only one piece of the work we will do together. I am also here to activate your Soul. You are meant to shine as the unique, Vibrant Light that you are and my purpose is to guide you home. You. Are. Magic. You are a Soul having a Divine human experience. I use coaching, personal experience, and energetic practices to ignite your power so you can express who you are and what you do as a Lightworker here in the Golden Age of Light. I help you realize that it is safe for you to rise. It is safe for you to step out of the spiritual closet and serve with clarity, passion and purpose. I am here to help you become a leader who has unshakeable confidence and anchors in her authenticity. The time for you to step up is NOW.

There are 5 Pillars that lay the foundations

for the work i do with clients:

Sacred Embodiment

Exploring somatic practices like dance, breathwork and healing through feeling so your Soul feels safe inhabiting all of your Divine body.

Deep Soul Work

Unraveling past-life traumas and unconscious fears, healing your worthiness wound and calling back all Soul parts so you remember your wholeness.

Shadow Integration

Claiming all of the parts of yourself that you’ve been running away from so you can find the magic (your Soul Gifts!) held in the repressed parts of your shadow.

Energetic Mastery 

Working with the Universal laws of attraction and mastering the unique flow of your energy as a sensitive Spirit so you can thrive, serve and flow with purpose.

Potent Action

Courageously and vulnerably showing up in the world speaking your spiritual truth, sharing your Soul gifts and living out your Soul’s calling.

Interested in working with me?