you’ve spent most of your life hiding who your truly are because you’ve tried to fit yourself into a box.

you’ve worn the Mask of perfection.

you’ve people pleased, played small and subscribed to the limiting beliefs others have projected onto you.

you may have formed your identity around the traumas you’ve experienced or the roles that were assigned to you.

you have felt ashamed of who you are and have tried to earn your worth by doing, achieving and succeeding.

but it’s never enough, is it?

it feels like you’re running around in circles giving your energy away to other people and you’re exhausted.

and it goes deeper…

you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening and you’re starting to see through all the BS you’ve put yourself through.

now that you’re seeking the answers to who you are, why you’re here and what your purpose is…

you’re actually afraid of who your authentic self is because you’ve felt disconnected from her your entire life.

you’re asking yourself…

“what if no one likes her?!”

“what if i don’t fit inside a box? Ahhh!”

“what if i am judged and rejected by my friends and family?”

pause and take a deep breath, sister.

<<inhale. exhale.>>

you know it’s time for you to try something different.

it’s time to turn towards yourself and…


Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a Soul Embodiment Guide and Multidimensional Channel. I help women come home to and express their Authentic Soul Essence. Your Authentic Soul Essence is the fullest expression of your Soul in any given moment. It’s choosing to feel, embody and express ALL of yourself. The you that’s sobbing into a pillow after an intense breakup. The you that’s totally tapped into your Inner Child, skipping through a field of flowers. The you that feels ashamed about her feminine sexuality and uses food to self-sabotage feeling sexy in her body. ALL of you is welcome. I’m here to teach you how to create space for every part of you to be loved and accepted.


I spent most of my life fitting myself into boxes that felt safe and comfortably uncomfortable. I took on the identities of the perfect Honor Roll Student, the Good Catholic Girl, the People Pleasing Perfectionist, the Girlfriend/ Daughter/ Employee who could DO IT ALL and many more identities that didn’t feel authentic to me. It left me burnt out, angry and disconnected from my feminine core soul essence. I began my spiritual awakening searching for the truth of who I was. I read the self-help books, worked with mentors and explored every nook and cranny of spiritual development. I still felt lost.

It wasn’t until I began to turn towards myself and come back home to what I call my Authentic Soul Essence, that I truly felt embodied in my Soul. I’m not all of the identities I once took on to please others. Instead, I’m a nerdy, witchy spiritual woman who feels deeply expressed in her sensuality, sexuality and uniqueness. I look and feel different in every moment and that’s alright with me, as long as I feel deeply connected to my Soul. I’m here now to guide you through this process. To hold a deep, loving container for you to examine, express and embody all of your multidimensionality. You never have to abandon your Authentic Self again.

My Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, concentration Neuroscience

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, concentration in Mental Health, Addictions & Trauma

  • Shamanic Reiki Master

  • Shamanic Training in embodiment, Soul Retrieval and somatic processing

this mentorship is for you if…

  • You desire to feel fully expressed in your Authentic Soul Essence in every moment, deeply connected to the energy of your Soul.

  • You have experienced a spiritual awakening and feel lost in knowing who your Soul came here to be and what your purpose is.

  • You’re ready to step into your Divinity - embracing your power here on Earth as a Soul having a human experience.

  • You want to feel embodied in and empowered by your feminine energy through exploring sensuality and sexuality.

  • You desire to cultivate and nourish a deep, loving relationship with your feminine body (your Divine Vessel) and feel confident in your own skin.

  • You are ready to heal the traumas, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that have held you back from your most authentic self.

  • You want to drop your debilitating perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies to tap into your inherent Soul Worth.

  • You want to understand how to use your emotions as guidance, strengthen your connection to your intuition and create a life led by your Soul.

  • You desire to create a relationship with God/Spirit/Source Energy that feels authentic to you and release the limiting beliefs from conservative organized religion that has made you fear stepping out of the spiritual closet.

my commitment to you:

  • 6 Months of intimate support and mentorship

  • Bi-weekly 90-minute sessions via Zoom with the option to record each call for lifetime access

  • Healing support using shamanic trauma healing, energetic attunements, somatic experiencing, embodiment practices, intuitive channeling and coaching

  • Voxer support and distance energy healing, as needed

  • Customized resources and practices suited to your needs for integration outside of our sessions together (meditations, affirmation tracks, worksheets, embodiment practices)

your commitment to you:

  • Energetically showing up for our sessions to make the most of our time together

  • Transforming your learning into action

  • Recognizing how worthy you truly are to be making an energetic & financial investment in yourself

  • Making time for a daily spiritual self-care practice

  • Radically loving and caring for every part of yourself

1_1 practices ONE.png

Copy of 1_1 practices TWO.png


Embodiment is the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form. I teach you how to use somatic expression through sound, movement, breath and more to move stagnant energy. We will play with embodying the energies of emotions, archetypes and alter-egos to increase your capacity of Soul Expression. The more you feel safely anchored in your physical body, the more your Soul is able to come online and express itself through your body. We will also work to create a daily embodiment practice that feels nourishing to your body and Soul.


When you experience a traumatic event, part of your Soul detaches from your core soul essence and suspends itself in time and space. This dissociation is a natural survival mechanism to keep you safe. However, as this part remains detached from the core of your Soul, you forget your inherent wholeness. This can result in experiencing PTSD symptoms, feeling detached from your Authentic Self, feeling numb to life and much more. I use Soul Retrieval to guide these dissociated Soul parts back home to your Soul so you can feel integrated, whole and alive.


Your Shadow Self represents those unconscious behaviors, desires and motivations that all humans have. Your Shadow Self controls a lot of what you do and how you operate in the world. Oftentimes, we learn to suppress, resist and hide the parts of ourselves that we feel ashamed of. What we resist, persists. In session, we work together to identify, witness and integrate your Shadow parts so you can release your feelings of shame and brokenness.


When you are empathic and energetically sensitive, emotions can feel overwhelming (whether or not they are yours or someone elses!). You are not your emotions. However, they are here as your Soul Guidance system. I teach you how to use your emotions as your internal compass, how to work with emotional momentum (alchemize lower vibrational emotions into higher vibrational) and how to express/release your emotions in healthy and cathartic ways.


I use Reiki energy, channeled visualizations/meditations, Light Langauge, and Shamanic practices to clear blocks/limiting beliefs/energetic distortions, create space for Soul expansion and anchor you into the highest expression of yourself. These are channeled in session or are sent to you as a recorded audio or video file for you to experience outside of session work.


I weave my skills and experience as a therapist and coach with the intuitive guidance that channels through from my Spirit team or yours. Although I am trained in psychology, social work and coaching, I rely most on my intuition to channel through the healing and guidance that wants to be expressed.

NOTE: Although these are the main practices I use in session, I channel through whatever healing, guidance and information that wants to come through. Every session is different and is customized based on what is coming up for you to be cleared.


 "Sarah has this natural skill to make any person feel immediately comfortable with her. She is incredibly nonjudgmental and accepting while highlighting an individual's strengths and inner beauty. Any person who is blessed enough to work with Sarah will receive lifelong spiritual and emotional benefits." - Emily G.


"I am blessed to have been able to work with Sarah. Working with her was a new experience for me as I have not had any experience with energy work or telecommunication, but it is something that I now want to continue to be involved in. I have a lot of work to do yet and some days are harder than others, but working with her helped me to FEEL the value and worth that I had within myself. I have been searching for that feeling for a long time; it was falsely and temporarily felt by placating others. I have been in and out of therapy for over 10 years but wasn't growing the way that I needed and wanted. I felt like I was missing part of myself. She helped reconstruct deep rooted childhood memories that started growing feelings/thoughts of worthlessness, embarrassment, and self hate/blame/doubt that infected my whole being as an adult. Working with Sarah helped me find hope and the beginning of appreciating my power, truth, and the beauty/worthiness of my authentic self. I am connecting more with my body, trusting myself, and accepting/loving who I am. I am excited to keep working with her and to use my own power to keep truly enjoying this life." -Sarah C.

i invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you...

What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling deeply connected to your Soul?

To have the tools to embody your Authentic Essence with ease and joy?

To no longer hide and avoid the darkest parts of yourself and instead deeply love all of who you are?

I want you to know that you really can embody the fullest expression of YOU.

ready to apply for a free soul activation call?

I invite you to apply below if you feel this experience is exactly what your soul has been asking you for. We will spend 60-minutes together diving into your desires, what’s stopping you from embodying them, and determine whether or not this program is for you.