039 | Finding a Shorter Path to Loving Yourself with Marla Goldberg

Marla Goldberg is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, Life Coach, Podcast Host and Best Selling Author. Marla began her journey down her spiritual path in 2003 when she met her first spiritual teacher at a local women’s conference.  She was trained for three years at this Mystery School and learned 14 modalities and went on to learn nine more techniques. Marla also hosts a weekly podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations. She has been a part of two collaborative books, and has recently launched her first solo book; My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path which has become a best seller.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Marla began her spiritual journey after she hit rock bottom in an abusive marriage which led her to attending a women’s conference to learn how to heal herself.

  • Marla’s first psychic experience and how she was trained in 14 different esoteric healing techniques in just three years (now she’s trained in 23!).

  • What Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is and how it helped Marla through her divorce. SRT clears hidden programming and blocksheld in the subconscious mind that are preventing happiness and love.

  • Tips, tools and techniques (TTT’s) to release anger, stress, frustration and hurt (as well as show yourself love and forgiveness).

  • How she worked on upgrading her self-worth, self-love and self-forgiveness to feel more whole on a Soul level.

  • Why a gratitude practice is life changing for your emotional set point and how to start one (even when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed!).

  • Embracing and integrating your shadow parts helps you find your inherent wholeness. When you own them, they no longer own you.

  • Women have been socialized to suppress their anger, but it’s your inherent right to feel angry. You can still be a kind person AND express your anger in healthy ways.

Get in touch with Marla:

Email her at marla@mghealer.com

Check out her website at www.marlagoldberg.net

038 | Taking Your Power Back Using Holistic Self-Care with Diane Hayes

Diane Hayes is a Holistic Empowerment Coach who helps women dive deeper into the “why” of the conditioned patterns they’ve been living. She helps women tap into feeling fully loved, accepted, supported, aligned and worthy of embracing who they truly are instead of forcing themselves into a mold they were taught to fit into. By addressing the “why” through consistent holistic self-care, she believes we are able to work towards creating the ideal vision we have of our dream selves and dream lives that feels utterly unattainable, but in reality, is our birthright because we are powerful badasses. 

Here’s what we jammed on:

  • Diane’s experience growing up as a woman in a conservative religious background and how it led to her experience body shame.

  • Diane got married very young and ended up leaving an unhealthy marriage, which led her to begin her self-care journey towards loving herself.

  • Her journey that allowed her to rediscover who she was deep down, without the identities and expectations she faced growing up.

  • Why it’s important for you to put yourself in environments with positive and supportive people as you travel your self-love journey.

  • Shifting from the stories we tell ourselves while we are in the victim mindset into a creator mindset to embrace growth and expansion.

  • How to find the courage to leave the mainstream path and follow your outside-of-the-box desires and dreams.

  • We don’t have control over the beliefs we were raised upon, but we have the choice to rewrite them and carve out a new path for ourselves.

  • There are different degrees of self-care. Sometimes it’s easy and nourishing, like taking a bath, and sometimes it requires us to do the deeper work and face the things we don’t want to.

  • Why rock bottom is a solid foundation to build upon, despite how painful it feels. You can begin to create a compelling vision for your future that’s based on your desires.

037 | Using Astrology to Understand Your Purpose with Eugenia Krok

Eugenia Krok, MA holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Psychotherapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. As a practicing astrologer of 10 years, who has served thousands of clients, Eugenia speaks internationally + domestically about the potential of merging astrology with the modern day health care approach. Eugenia conducts her work from multiple locations serving local communities, individuals and groups while continuing to see astrological clients throughout the US and beyond. Through her education and experiences, Eugenia utilizes her training in psychotherapy with her enthusiasm for astrology, to bridge access into self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Here’s what we dive into: 

  • How Eugenia’s childhood love of stargazing and connecting with nature led to her career in astrology.

  • The historical background of Astrology and how it stemmed from the development of agriculture. It’s an ancient technology, not a new age practice.

  • Astrology has an unbroken lineage in India for 6,000 years - it is interwoven into the culture, while it has been indoctrinated out of the American culture. Astrology was almost lost at one point in time.

  • The sociologists defined generations follow the same generations that are aligned with Pluto in astrology. Millennials are known as the Pluto in Scorpio generation in astrology.

  • Millennials are the Shadow or Halloween generation - they are here to be truth tellers and dig through the dirt of consciousness to find what is hidden and bring it into the light.

  • Astrological charts outline a person’s purpose during their lifetime. When viewing your chart, it’s important to know that every struggle an individual has is a way to achieve a higher consciousness for the collective as a whole.

  • Eugenia searched for her truth for years and it wasn’t until she had her chart read that she finally understood her purpose on earth. Once you know your chart, you become free.

  • Every individual has a unique path with unique gifts and abilities - you’re not here to blend in. Astrology allows you to be who you are. God gave you a map to your destiny.

  • An astrologer should empower you to come into your own truth through reading your chart. To truly understand your astrological chart, you should begin with a consultation with a professional astrologer (don’t rely on Google).

036 | Healing From Religious Purity Culture with Neuroscience & Spirituality

Growing up with the shame and trauma of purity culture is a form of spiritual abuse. It damages the core of a person and emotionally cuts them off from the healing love of the Divine. In this episode (part 2 of 2), I dive into how to understand the neuroscience of chronic shame perpetuated by purity culture and how to fuse together spirituality and sexuality to heal your spirit.

Here’s what I jammed on:

  • Purity is a form of spiritual trauma because it inhibits a person’s full human expression and fractures their relationship with God.

  • Shame has a profound effect on people’s sense of themselves and thus on their ability to receive and accept God’s love. This effect touches every aspect of their lives and most centrally their most intimate and personal relationships.

  • Learning about sex through the lens of purity culture is a form of chronic stress. When a girl’s only understanding of sex is that she is responsible for keeping herself pure, and if she does not she is dirty, the pressure of remaining “pure” will feel intense.

  • Neuroscientific research indicates that the fear and shame a woman experiences through purity culture remains deeply embedded in her brain and heart wiring, which prevents her from experiencing a fulfilling sex life.

  • Rewiring the brain to experience love and pleasure during sex requires an authentic felt experience through the body. To truly heal from the chronic shame and trauma, one must use somatic embodiment and expression to release trauma from the body.

  • Tools and practices to begin joining spirituality and sexuality in your life to heal, integrate and feel safe with sex, pleasure and your body.

035 | Unpacking the Harmful Effects of Religious Purity Culture

In the 1990’s, purity culture became the sexual education norm, whether or not you were in fact religious. Abstinence based education was taught in public schools and many millennials who had the sex talk with their parents received only “Don’t have sex before marriage, it’s dirty” without any other discussion of sexual empowerment. This created a culture of shame, guilt & trauma around women’s bodies and sexuality. In this part one of two episode series on purity culture, I dive into the depths of how this trauma warps our relationships with our bodies, sex and connection to spirituality.

Here’s what I dove into:

  • Purity culture exploits fear and shame emotions to guide young adults into viewing sex as dirty, sinful and disgusting.

  • Women learn that to remain pure they must cover up their bodies, shut down their flirtatiousness and romantic fantasizing - this leads to suppression of their feminine energy.

  • Comparing a woman losing her virginity before marriage to a crumbled up rose or a chewed up piece of gum causes emotional and spiritual trauma. Women put their worth in their bodies and sexual purity, which leaves them feeling inherently broken.

  • There’s shame in the silence of not talking about sex. This layers on shame, guilt and self-loathing onto our sexual thoughts, desires and experiences which damages the human psyche and spirit.

  • Purity culture breeds slut shaming, victim blaming in rape culture, marital rape, failure to set sexual boundaries, and causes women to seek out sex to earn love and worth.

  • Purity culture can also cause sexual dysfunction later on in life - little to no sex drive, painful sex, shutting down in experiences of connection with a partner and guilt during masturbation.

  • How to begin reconnecting with your body and pussy to repair a loving connection with your sexual energy.

034 | Inner Child Transformation & Transmuting Your Pain into Pleasure with Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie is an Inner Child Transformation Coach and energy healer. She helps women come back home to themselves by teaching them how to reparent their inner child in order to embody Sovereignty and Soul-Service.  She merges trauma clearing, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, and Play therapy to bring a safe, warm and lighthearted flavor to deep inner healing. You can often find her crafting at the kitchen table, having ecstatic dance parties at her steering wheel, or wandering about outdoors.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • How Chrissy’s childhood and background in social work were the catalysts for her to dive into the work she’s doing now.

  • Why playing in your zone of genius is the best thing for your Soul because it lights you up and gets you in flow with the Universe.

  • There are two child archetypes - the Wounded Child and the Wonder Child - to work with while doing inner child work and how to start doing this work.

  • Why it’s important to take action from the seat of joy and play to create a life of your dreams.

  • You can either experience pain as a slow burn for the rest of your life or you can open up the trauma to heal it and hold sacred space for it, experiencing momentary pain that opens up a deeper pleasure on the other side of it.

  • Beginning to explore how to play as an adult to connect into your inner child - even if you can’t remember how you played during your childhood.

  • We get to sovereignly decide how to keep ourselves safe and we can do this through parenting ourselves in the way we needed when we were children.

  • Your body is the key to your healing and awakening. Your human experience is how you connect to your spirituality.

  • You connect to play through somatic experiencing - you have to please your senses in order to have fun.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl 

Homecoming by John Bradshaw 

Connect with Chrissy on Instagram @yourchildhoodrising or at www.yourchildhoodrising.com/.

033 | Feeling Safe to Develop My Psychic Gifts After Growing Up Catholic

Growing up in a religious household, I had a lot of fear around supernatural things. I was a very psychic child, but I shut down my spiritual gifts at a young age because I was afraid of hell, demons & ghosts. Now that I’ve reclaimed what spirituality means to me, connecting to my intuition is one of my most sacred practices. In this episode, I share how to develop your psychic gifts if you’ve had religious fear beliefs suppressing your ability to awaken your gifts.


Here’s what I talked about:

  • Psychic gifts have nothing to do with religion. People who are trying to control the spiritual experience are probably profiting in some way.

  • It was essential for me to release religious fear of opening to the Divine in order for me to feel safe awakening my spiritual gifts.

  • Religious figures teach people to believe the scriptures & teaching without questioning their faith (if you do, it’s a sin!). This disconnects you from your intuition, which is essential to developing your psychic gifts.

  • I felt afraid to awaken my feminine energy because I feared my sensual and sexual expression as a woman raised Catholic. My feminine energy is now the life force for my intuition, creativity & connection to the Divine.

  • Feeling safe in your body is the foundation for developing your psychic gifts because your body is a vessel for the Divine. I used to dissociate from my body due to religious shame around being a woman.

  • Tips, tools & strategies to develop your psychic gifts especially if you have fear of them awakening.

  • I share how I arrived at a place of feeling empowered in my spirituality & psychic gifts, as well as how I healed a lot of the subconscious religious conditioning that was running my life.


Join the FREE Online Event, RECLAIM: A 5-Day Journey for Women to take their spiritual power back: https://pages.convertkit.com/06817b6174/117906b111

Join my FREE community, Vibrant Souls Collective. RECLAIM is taking place in HERE!

032 | Marrying Ancient Wisdom with Modern Day Spirituality with Coach Nick

Coach Nick marries the science of sales and influence with spirituality beautifully. His unique ability to take complex processes and present them in simple, actionable steps have translated into bottom-line result for his student.

As one of the most captivating trainers to hit the stage, Coach Nick is a dynamic energy that is a highly sought after resource for coaches and healers around the world who are looking to have a greater impact, grow their missions and create a lifestyle for themselves all at the same time. 

What we talked about:

  • Everything is spiritual because you are connected to everything, seen and unseen. There are so many dimensions to life.

  • Why you can’t separate the Soul from service. The Soul inherently wants to do what is in best interest of the whole otherwise it gets entangled in the material dimension.

  • Vedic tradition says your purpose is only to realize yourself. Action based purpose is impermanent.

  • His devotion to the Hare Krishna order & how his beliefs helped him create a life led by spirituality.

  • Why love is the answer to transmute disease, illness and emotional distress.

  • Spiritually awake humans often find the physical body uncomfortable because it has limits. Nick shares how to find harmony with the body as a Soul.

  • How to use ancient wisdom & technologies to create a powerful spiritual practice that can elevate your daily human life.

  • Alternative theories & historical background on Jesus, Mary Magdalene & the Christian movement. 

  • The Bible is a channeled text, translated by humans which means that it’s delivered through a human filter. This can distort the lessons & teachings we are learning from it.

  • Why religion and church has caused us to separate from our inner god essence & intuition.

  • How modern society has seen a decline in following a guru & the impact it has had on society - there’s no strong gurus present! This is why some churches are seeing a decline in members today.

Connect with Coach Nick:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachNickSpeaks/

Website:  www.CoachNickSpeaks.com 

More on who Coach Nick is:

“I went from 1 student to 13 students in less than 30 days of working with Coach Nick”

– Emily Harrison Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy 

As a keynote trainer, coach and thought leader on sales, influence and spirituality, Coach Nick energizes people to transform the way they look at sales, influence and business.  As a skillful story-teller he weaves ancient and modern wisdom into practical lessons that can be used to create immediate results. These lessons are masterfully planted into the student’s mind for long lasting results.

031 | How Shifting from Pain to Pleasure Can Deepen Your Connection to Spirit

When we’ve subscribed to our Ego’s story of struggle and pain for most of our lives, it can be challenging to switch to a creator mindset where experiencing pleasure feels safe. Many women view pleasure as dirty or sinful, so they avoid tapping into it. Getting comfortable with pleasure is essential if you’re wanting to develop your spiritual gifts and trust your intuition. In this episode, I share how to get comfortable with pleasure.

Here’s what I jammed on:

  • How my addiction to pain and fear of pleasure was influenced by my religious background and growing up as a spiritually sensitive empath.

  • Why we resist pleasure so much - especially as women!

  • Why getting comfortable with experiencing pain allows us to explore deeper states of pleasure.

  • How you can work with pain in a productive way to serve your Soul’s growth.

  • Why your body is the vessel in which you connect to the Divine - you have the ability to access bliss and it’s your birthright to do so.

  • How to open up to pleasure so you can deepen your connection and trust in the Divine.

030 | 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Authentic Expression

Have you edited yourself or worn a mask to be loved and accepted? I’ve spoken to many women who don’t know who they are on a Soul level. They’ve spent their lives people pleasing to be liked or have hidden the fullness of who they are because they fear that they are “too much” for the world. In this Facebook Live training, I talked all about how to unlock your inner truth and expression so you can show up more fully in life.

Here’s what I talk about:

  • Why it’s important for you to stop living your life for other people - this shifts you from survival mode into a state of thriving as your unique self!

  • How our worthiness wound and self-worth relates to our ability to express ourselves authentically

  • Why your authenticity is hiding out in your Shadow and how to shine a light on these hidden parts of yourself

  • How your values and desires can help you uncover your authentic expression

029 | Opening to Receive More as a Spiritual Woman

Many women have resistance towards receiving because they’ve been conditioned to give, give, give. Receiving is not a selfish act, nor is it asking too much of others. Instead, it is the life force energy that fuels your feminine flow and allows you to amplify your ability to give and serve. In this Facebook training, I teach you how to open your heart to receive more as a spiritual woman.

Here’s what I talked about:

  • Why it’s important to fill up your cup by receiving and how to sink into your feminine essence to do so

  • Why women feel guilty, selfish and greedy for receiving and how to reprogram your beliefs to receive with open arms

  • How receiving in the physical world relates to receiving divine guidance and downloads via your intuition

  • How to invoke and connect to your feminine energy to increase your capacity and comfort level of receiving

028 | Shifting your Paradigm by Rewriting Your Story

Creating a new identity is an energy game, so it’s about gaining momentum and leaning into the things that make you uncomfortable. In this exclusive training I hosted in my online community, Vibrant Souls Collective, I teach you how rewrite your personal narrative so you can begin to embody the woman you desire to become.


In this episode, we dive into:

  • Facing and acknowledging your current story, including the belief systems backing it up and the behaviors keeping it in place

  • How to transcend the fears your small self has about playing big, being seen and shifting into the highest version possible for you at this moment

  • Working with any inner child parts that need to be integrating for you to connect to your inherent wholeness

  • Tapping into your divine feminine energy to connect to your desires, purpose and passions so you can bring your highest self into existence

  • How to take potent action to show up for yourself to turn your vision into reality by embodying a higher energetic frequency

027 | How to Activate your Heart-Centered Power

In this Facebook Live training turned bonus podcast episode, I teach you how to step into your feminine power so you can become a heart-centered leader. As women, we’ve been taught how to operate under the guise of the masculine energy and how power looks from the male perspective. However, this is not how women with a feminine core essence access their innate power. If you’re operating from the masculine energy, you’re burning yourself out and resisting your feminine radiance (which is your power!).

Here’s what I teach:

  • How to release and reprogram the limiting beliefs that power is bad, harmful and manipulative so you feel safe accessing your power

  • How to get your feminine energy flowing and shift into your heart space so you can become truly radiant in everything you do

  • Why you must be grounded in your worthiness to truly embody your power

  • How to upgrade your self-worth to SOUL WORTH so you can stand in the powerful feminine presence that you inherently have access to

  • How to use your emotions as your guiding force to tune into your intuition and manifest ALL your desire

  • Why filling up your cup and nurturing yourself is the fuel you need to activate your power

026 | My Interview with Coach Nick on Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet

This bonus episode is a recording from Coach Nick’s Facebook TV Show, The Inside Scoop, where I was interviewed on stepping out of the spiritual closet. I talked all about my experience coming out about my spirituality to my family, friends and the public.

Here’s the scoop on what we discussed:

  • Why so many of us awakened souls are afraid of sharing their voice and spiritual lives

  • How to best deal with misunderstandings of people who don’t get our spiritual beliefs - and how to stand in your power as you share your voice.

  • Why it’s important for Lightworkers to step up and share their voice - you have unique gifts to share with the world!

025 | How my Catholic Upbringing Influenced my Connection to Spirituality

In this episode, I get real and raw about my religious past. It has vulnerable storytelling and insight sharing by stream of consciousness. It’s my personal account of growing up Catholic and how traditional religion has helped my Soul evolve. I open up and share the positive ways religion has influenced my life, as well as the shameful and limiting belief systems I am working on reprogramming. 

What I dive into:

  • How my parent’s passion about their beliefs shaped & inspired my current love for spirituality.

  • Why the Catholic faith did not resonate with me on a deep level - I felt like I was just going through the motions.

  • How viewing my physical body through a religious lens contributed to my eating disorder, body dysmorphia & worthiness wound

  • What’s the connection between women, shame & the church.

  • How I’ve healed my connection with my body and have shifted into sexual & sensual empowerment as a spiritual woman.

  • Why releasing the anger & blame about my religious upbringing has been essential to my healing - my Soul asked for this training ground to help my evolution in this lifetime!

  • How stepping out of the spiritual closet helped me embody my power & share my voice in a potent way.

  • What I’ve done to sink into trust & forgiveness as I leave mainstream thinking behind and forge my own path that’s guided by my inner knowing.

024 | Facing & Transcending Your Shadow with Jessica Ellen

Jessica Ellen is a Intuitive Catalyst & Mentor from Brisbane, Australia who works with powerful women that are truly ready to make the conscious decision to heal themselves from the inside out so that they can show up as their best versions inside their soulful businesses & everyday life. Her purpose as an Intuitive Catalyst is to guide the powerful women she works with through their shadows, their pains, their experiences, their traumas and their past lifetime wounds all so that they can come into true divine connection with who they really are in alignment with their core essence and soul.

Here’s what we dove into:

  • Jessica talks about how her spiritual awakening and Dark Night of the Soul catalyzed her to leave her corporate job to start her soul-aligned business

  • She shares how she navigated her spiritual gifts coming online and discovered what psychic abilities were her strongest

  • How she discovered she was actually doing Shadow work when she was healing her wounded Feminine energy

  • Why it’s important to do Shadow work from a higher vibrational state and how to remain in your Light

  • Jessica suggests practices and tips for you to feel into your Shadow and start unpacking your stories, traumas and pain points

Website: iamjessicaellen.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/iamjessicaellen33/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjessicaellen/

As a special offer to listeners, Jessica is offering the opportunity to claim early bird pricing for "Shadow School”. It is a 6-Week Group Program dedicated to all the powerful women who are ready to identify and move through their Shadow Work effectively by understanding what shadow is, why it occurs and the importance of consciously being aware of this space on this journey. The normal price is $450.00 AUD, but as a listener you will receive the earlybird pricing of $360.00 AUD. If you are interested, reach out directly to Jessica and use the code SHADOW2 to claim your discount!

023 | Invoking Your Feminine Energy to Create a Soul-Led Life

Are you living a life in alignment with your Soul? This is a question we should be asking ourselves often, but it’s one we often bypass. Tuning into your Soul involves the feminine surrender. It’s following what fills you up and brings you joy. I often see Lightworkers, healers, empaths and sensitives shut down their feminine essence, which leaves them feeling disconnected from their Souls. In this episode, I share how to invoke your feminine energy to follow the callings of your Soul.

What I dive into:

  • Why women shift into their masculine energy to survive in a world grounded in patriarchy and why it’s harmful to their well-being

  • How to work with your feminine energy to nourish yourself after getting burnt out (let’s fill up your Soul, babe!)

  • How to invite the Divine into every moment of your life, making your life one big moving prayer

  • Why it’s important for women to stop focusing on what they’re doing and instead focus on how they’re feeling

  • Why cultivating your self-worth is directly related to creating a life that turns your Soul on

  • How to work with your feminine energy to become a magnet for all of your desires

022 | Letting Go of Ego’s Desire for Spiritual Perfection

In the spiritual growth arena, we may feel like we’re broken humans as we move forward on our healing journey. What we need to understand is that our Souls are whole, eternal & perfect - no matter what. It can be confusing to be an imperfect human who is flawed while trying to wrap our minds around the idea that we are Divinely perfect Souls. In this episode, I dive into the importance of learning to love yourself at every moment in your journey (it’s one of the lessons we are all here to learn).

Here’s what I cover:

  • Why it’s important to release the belief that you are required to constantly do deep spiritual work to “fix yourself”

  • How to let go of fear around being good vs evil and how being raised in a religion that was anchored in dualism influenced my view of myself

  • Why healing sometimes involves moving into the feminine space to integrate, rest and receive guidance (this isn’t spiritual bypassing)

  • Understanding that you are the Divine in human form - everything you are and everything you do is Divine

  • Bonus: I open the Akashic Records and channel a message from the Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones

021 | All About the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vibrational body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities. When we open the Records, we enter into a deep conversation with our Soul and have the ability to Google the answers we are looking for within. What’s even more profound is that we begin to see our purity and soundness through the eyes of our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Once we recognize this truth about ourselves, our knowing then becomes the first step in our healing.

 What I covered:

  • What are the Akashic Records

  • Who are the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones

  • How I first came across the Akashic Records (Spoiler: my Angels brought me a vision)

  • How you can access your own Records (if you feel called to)

  • Details on how my readings are structured

  • What healing and information you can receive during a reading with me

020| 4 Pillars for Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen

If you’re a woman who works her Light, you often have two layers of fear to overcome when you want to step out and be seen. Women often have a worthiness wound that keeps them playing small and makes them hide for fear of rejection. For Lightworkers, there is fear around stepping out of the spiritual closet because they’re afraid of being persecuted. Despite this, it is important for Lightworkers to move through this fear and share their voice and Soul Gifts with the world. In this episode, I share the foundations on how to step up and be seen so Lightworkers can make big impact in the world.

What I jammed on:

🌟Why as women AND lightworkers we are so afraid of being seen.

🌟We must feel grounded in our worth and authenticity if we want to step out of hiding and show up in our power.

🌟How to cultivate safety and trust in yourself and the Universe so you can work through the fears of being seen.

🌟Why NOW is the time to step out of the spiritual closet and show up and serve with your Soul Gifts.

🌟How to take potent action even when you feel fear stop you in your tracks cause your know your shit and it’s time to own it!

🌟The 4 Pillars for overcoming your fear of being seen: Working Your Worth, Anchoring in Authenticity, Cultivate Divine Trust, and Stoking Your Sacred Power.