029 | Opening to Receive More as a Spiritual Woman

Many women have resistance towards receiving because they’ve been conditioned to give, give, give. Receiving is not a selfish act, nor is it asking too much of others. Instead, it is the life force energy that fuels your feminine flow and allows you to amplify your ability to give and serve. In this Facebook training, I teach you how to open your heart to receive more as a spiritual woman.

Here’s what I talked about:

  • Why it’s important to fill up your cup by receiving and how to sink into your feminine essence to do so

  • Why women feel guilty, selfish and greedy for receiving and how to reprogram your beliefs to receive with open arms

  • How receiving in the physical world relates to receiving divine guidance and downloads via your intuition

  • How to invoke and connect to your feminine energy to increase your capacity and comfort level of receiving