031 | How Shifting from Pain to Pleasure Can Deepen Your Connection to Spirit

When we’ve subscribed to our Ego’s story of struggle and pain for most of our lives, it can be challenging to switch to a creator mindset where experiencing pleasure feels safe. Many women view pleasure as dirty or sinful, so they avoid tapping into it. Getting comfortable with pleasure is essential if you’re wanting to develop your spiritual gifts and trust your intuition. In this episode, I share how to get comfortable with pleasure.

Here’s what I jammed on:

  • How my addiction to pain and fear of pleasure was influenced by my religious background and growing up as a spiritually sensitive empath.

  • Why we resist pleasure so much - especially as women!

  • Why getting comfortable with experiencing pain allows us to explore deeper states of pleasure.

  • How you can work with pain in a productive way to serve your Soul’s growth.

  • Why your body is the vessel in which you connect to the Divine - you have the ability to access bliss and it’s your birthright to do so.

  • How to open up to pleasure so you can deepen your connection and trust in the Divine.