032 | Marrying Ancient Wisdom with Modern Day Spirituality with Coach Nick

Coach Nick marries the science of sales and influence with spirituality beautifully. His unique ability to take complex processes and present them in simple, actionable steps have translated into bottom-line result for his student.

As one of the most captivating trainers to hit the stage, Coach Nick is a dynamic energy that is a highly sought after resource for coaches and healers around the world who are looking to have a greater impact, grow their missions and create a lifestyle for themselves all at the same time. 

What we talked about:

  • Everything is spiritual because you are connected to everything, seen and unseen. There are so many dimensions to life.

  • Why you can’t separate the Soul from service. The Soul inherently wants to do what is in best interest of the whole otherwise it gets entangled in the material dimension.

  • Vedic tradition says your purpose is only to realize yourself. Action based purpose is impermanent.

  • His devotion to the Hare Krishna order & how his beliefs helped him create a life led by spirituality.

  • Why love is the answer to transmute disease, illness and emotional distress.

  • Spiritually awake humans often find the physical body uncomfortable because it has limits. Nick shares how to find harmony with the body as a Soul.

  • How to use ancient wisdom & technologies to create a powerful spiritual practice that can elevate your daily human life.

  • Alternative theories & historical background on Jesus, Mary Magdalene & the Christian movement. 

  • The Bible is a channeled text, translated by humans which means that it’s delivered through a human filter. This can distort the lessons & teachings we are learning from it.

  • Why religion and church has caused us to separate from our inner god essence & intuition.

  • How modern society has seen a decline in following a guru & the impact it has had on society - there’s no strong gurus present! This is why some churches are seeing a decline in members today.

Connect with Coach Nick:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachNickSpeaks/

Website:  www.CoachNickSpeaks.com 

More on who Coach Nick is:

“I went from 1 student to 13 students in less than 30 days of working with Coach Nick”

– Emily Harrison Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy 

As a keynote trainer, coach and thought leader on sales, influence and spirituality, Coach Nick energizes people to transform the way they look at sales, influence and business.  As a skillful story-teller he weaves ancient and modern wisdom into practical lessons that can be used to create immediate results. These lessons are masterfully planted into the student’s mind for long lasting results.