033 | Feeling Safe to Develop My Psychic Gifts After Growing Up Catholic

Growing up in a religious household, I had a lot of fear around supernatural things. I was a very psychic child, but I shut down my spiritual gifts at a young age because I was afraid of hell, demons & ghosts. Now that I’ve reclaimed what spirituality means to me, connecting to my intuition is one of my most sacred practices. In this episode, I share how to develop your psychic gifts if you’ve had religious fear beliefs suppressing your ability to awaken your gifts.


Here’s what I talked about:

  • Psychic gifts have nothing to do with religion. People who are trying to control the spiritual experience are probably profiting in some way.

  • It was essential for me to release religious fear of opening to the Divine in order for me to feel safe awakening my spiritual gifts.

  • Religious figures teach people to believe the scriptures & teaching without questioning their faith (if you do, it’s a sin!). This disconnects you from your intuition, which is essential to developing your psychic gifts.

  • I felt afraid to awaken my feminine energy because I feared my sensual and sexual expression as a woman raised Catholic. My feminine energy is now the life force for my intuition, creativity & connection to the Divine.

  • Feeling safe in your body is the foundation for developing your psychic gifts because your body is a vessel for the Divine. I used to dissociate from my body due to religious shame around being a woman.

  • Tips, tools & strategies to develop your psychic gifts especially if you have fear of them awakening.

  • I share how I arrived at a place of feeling empowered in my spirituality & psychic gifts, as well as how I healed a lot of the subconscious religious conditioning that was running my life.


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