036 | Healing From Religious Purity Culture with Neuroscience & Spirituality

Growing up with the shame and trauma of purity culture is a form of spiritual abuse. It damages the core of a person and emotionally cuts them off from the healing love of the Divine. In this episode (part 2 of 2), I dive into how to understand the neuroscience of chronic shame perpetuated by purity culture and how to fuse together spirituality and sexuality to heal your spirit.

Here’s what I jammed on:

  • Purity is a form of spiritual trauma because it inhibits a person’s full human expression and fractures their relationship with God.

  • Shame has a profound effect on people’s sense of themselves and thus on their ability to receive and accept God’s love. This effect touches every aspect of their lives and most centrally their most intimate and personal relationships.

  • Learning about sex through the lens of purity culture is a form of chronic stress. When a girl’s only understanding of sex is that she is responsible for keeping herself pure, and if she does not she is dirty, the pressure of remaining “pure” will feel intense.

  • Neuroscientific research indicates that the fear and shame a woman experiences through purity culture remains deeply embedded in her brain and heart wiring, which prevents her from experiencing a fulfilling sex life.

  • Rewiring the brain to experience love and pleasure during sex requires an authentic felt experience through the body. To truly heal from the chronic shame and trauma, one must use somatic embodiment and expression to release trauma from the body.

  • Tools and practices to begin joining spirituality and sexuality in your life to heal, integrate and feel safe with sex, pleasure and your body.