037 | Using Astrology to Understand Your Purpose with Eugenia Krok

Eugenia Krok, MA holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Psychotherapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. As a practicing astrologer of 10 years, who has served thousands of clients, Eugenia speaks internationally + domestically about the potential of merging astrology with the modern day health care approach. Eugenia conducts her work from multiple locations serving local communities, individuals and groups while continuing to see astrological clients throughout the US and beyond. Through her education and experiences, Eugenia utilizes her training in psychotherapy with her enthusiasm for astrology, to bridge access into self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Here’s what we dive into: 

  • How Eugenia’s childhood love of stargazing and connecting with nature led to her career in astrology.

  • The historical background of Astrology and how it stemmed from the development of agriculture. It’s an ancient technology, not a new age practice.

  • Astrology has an unbroken lineage in India for 6,000 years - it is interwoven into the culture, while it has been indoctrinated out of the American culture. Astrology was almost lost at one point in time.

  • The sociologists defined generations follow the same generations that are aligned with Pluto in astrology. Millennials are known as the Pluto in Scorpio generation in astrology.

  • Millennials are the Shadow or Halloween generation - they are here to be truth tellers and dig through the dirt of consciousness to find what is hidden and bring it into the light.

  • Astrological charts outline a person’s purpose during their lifetime. When viewing your chart, it’s important to know that every struggle an individual has is a way to achieve a higher consciousness for the collective as a whole.

  • Eugenia searched for her truth for years and it wasn’t until she had her chart read that she finally understood her purpose on earth. Once you know your chart, you become free.

  • Every individual has a unique path with unique gifts and abilities - you’re not here to blend in. Astrology allows you to be who you are. God gave you a map to your destiny.

  • An astrologer should empower you to come into your own truth through reading your chart. To truly understand your astrological chart, you should begin with a consultation with a professional astrologer (don’t rely on Google).