034 | Inner Child Transformation & Transmuting Your Pain into Pleasure with Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie is an Inner Child Transformation Coach and energy healer. She helps women come back home to themselves by teaching them how to reparent their inner child in order to embody Sovereignty and Soul-Service.  She merges trauma clearing, spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, and Play therapy to bring a safe, warm and lighthearted flavor to deep inner healing. You can often find her crafting at the kitchen table, having ecstatic dance parties at her steering wheel, or wandering about outdoors.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • How Chrissy’s childhood and background in social work were the catalysts for her to dive into the work she’s doing now.

  • Why playing in your zone of genius is the best thing for your Soul because it lights you up and gets you in flow with the Universe.

  • There are two child archetypes - the Wounded Child and the Wonder Child - to work with while doing inner child work and how to start doing this work.

  • Why it’s important to take action from the seat of joy and play to create a life of your dreams.

  • You can either experience pain as a slow burn for the rest of your life or you can open up the trauma to heal it and hold sacred space for it, experiencing momentary pain that opens up a deeper pleasure on the other side of it.

  • Beginning to explore how to play as an adult to connect into your inner child - even if you can’t remember how you played during your childhood.

  • We get to sovereignly decide how to keep ourselves safe and we can do this through parenting ourselves in the way we needed when we were children.

  • Your body is the key to your healing and awakening. Your human experience is how you connect to your spirituality.

  • You connect to play through somatic experiencing - you have to please your senses in order to have fun.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl 

Homecoming by John Bradshaw 

Connect with Chrissy on Instagram @yourchildhoodrising or at www.yourchildhoodrising.com/.