038 | Taking Your Power Back Using Holistic Self-Care with Diane Hayes

Diane Hayes is a Holistic Empowerment Coach who helps women dive deeper into the “why” of the conditioned patterns they’ve been living. She helps women tap into feeling fully loved, accepted, supported, aligned and worthy of embracing who they truly are instead of forcing themselves into a mold they were taught to fit into. By addressing the “why” through consistent holistic self-care, she believes we are able to work towards creating the ideal vision we have of our dream selves and dream lives that feels utterly unattainable, but in reality, is our birthright because we are powerful badasses. 

Here’s what we jammed on:

  • Diane’s experience growing up as a woman in a conservative religious background and how it led to her experience body shame.

  • Diane got married very young and ended up leaving an unhealthy marriage, which led her to begin her self-care journey towards loving herself.

  • Her journey that allowed her to rediscover who she was deep down, without the identities and expectations she faced growing up.

  • Why it’s important for you to put yourself in environments with positive and supportive people as you travel your self-love journey.

  • Shifting from the stories we tell ourselves while we are in the victim mindset into a creator mindset to embrace growth and expansion.

  • How to find the courage to leave the mainstream path and follow your outside-of-the-box desires and dreams.

  • We don’t have control over the beliefs we were raised upon, but we have the choice to rewrite them and carve out a new path for ourselves.

  • There are different degrees of self-care. Sometimes it’s easy and nourishing, like taking a bath, and sometimes it requires us to do the deeper work and face the things we don’t want to.

  • Why rock bottom is a solid foundation to build upon, despite how painful it feels. You can begin to create a compelling vision for your future that’s based on your desires.