Loving feedback:


"I am blessed to have been able to work with Sarah, even if for a short time.  Working with her was a new experience for me as I have not had any experience with energy work or telecommunication, but it is something that I now want to continue to be involved in.  I have a lot of work to do yet and some days are harder than others, but working with her helped me to FEEL the value and worth that I had within myself.  I have been searching for that feeling for a long time; it was falsely and temporarily felt by placating others.  I have been in and out of therapy for over 10 years but wasn't growing the way that I needed and wanted.  I felt like I was missing part of myself.  She helped reconstruct a deep rooted childhood memory that started growing feelings/thoughts of worthlessness, embarrassment, and self hate/blame/doubt that infected my whole being as an adult.  Working with Sarah helped me find hope and the beginning of appreciating my power, truth, and the beauty/worthiness of my authentic self.  I am connecting more with my body, trusting myself, and accepting/loving who I am.  I am excited to keep working with her and  to use my own power to keep truly enjoying this life."  -Sarah C.

"Sarah has this natural skill to make any person feel immediately comfortable with her. Sarah is incredibly nonjudgmental and accepting while highlighting an individual's strengths and inner beauty. Any person who is blessed enough to work with Sarah will receive lifelong spiritual and emotional benefits." - Emily G.

"The first time I met Sarah, I popped into one of her yoga classes on a whim in my attempt to show some self-care. I knew nothing about her, but at the end of our yoga session when we were resting and winding down, she came around and rubbed some soothing essential oils on my neck and held my head for just a brief moment.


I knew then without her telling me that she was an energy practitioner and I suspected Reiki. Her touch was so intentional and healing that I went away from that brief encounter with a bigger faith in the efficacy of energy work. I just felt a rejuvenating light radiating through me and felt that she had held space for that.

Later, I won a free Reiki session with her on a little Facebook giveaway, and I felt that I was guided to work with her for a reason. During our session, she picked up on some stuck energy from experiences that I had buried... I was having a lot of fearful, creative blocks in my daily life and I couldn't really pinpoint where they were coming from. She was able to pick up on really relevant situations and experiences that I had years before, and she helped me to find my own way to transmute the fears/traumas by empowering me through guided visualization to change their energy.

After the session, I was able to take major strides forward creatively. I had been so afraid to write and let my voice be heard before, and after the session I just felt the momentum to plunge in and contribute to local blogs and to begin writing my own, which is a huge deal for me and way out of my comfort zone. I appreciate that the Universe led me to her, specifically, because I feel like she's done and continues to do the difficult inner soul work to keep her connection and intuition strong, so that she can understand the authentic journey of healing. I also appreciate that she's got a good handle on not only honoring our Light, but allowing space for our darkness and humanity as well. She doesn't try to bypass the hard stuff with lots of fluff, and her authenticity is really refreshing. I feel like that's why she has the capacity to hold space for big fat magic to happen!" - Brittany S.


"I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah in college. She always had such a magnetic and open personality and she puts you at ease. I heard that she was studying Reiki and transformational coaching so when I was truly at a very hard place, I reached out to her. I had recently suffered the loss of very good friend and was struggling to even get out of bed. The heaviness of my grief was overwhelming. Sarah was about 3 hours away at the time so we opted for a phone session. The session was incredible!! I found the relief I was so desperate to find through her guidance. I would highly suggest her to anyone seeking healing and guidance. Namaste." - Shannon B. 

"Sarah has a beautiful ability to connect with other human beings on a deeper level than what we are typically used to in this modern world. Her natural intuition and empathy combined with her holistic training in yoga, personal coaching, counseling, social work, and energy work make her uniquely equipped to offer others a healing experience free from judgment. She will walk alongside you wherever you’re at in your journey offering a safe space to help you confront and explore both the darkness and the light within yourself." - T.F.

Sarah is such a kind and caring soul. You will see how knowledgeable and passionate she is about her work. I was fortunate enough to have a few sessions with Sarah before she made her move to Colorado. Her Reiki skills have shifted how I have felt and improved my overall wellbeing. I am one of the lucky ones that can feel the energy when she is working on me and can feel when the energy has shifted or cleared. I can’t tell you how great I feel after a session! - Jacqueline D.